Heli skiing Val Formazza – Best snow conditions early in the year, over 120 sq.km heliskiing area and any helicopter landing places for all freeride hearts to beat higher.


-ca.14 FLIGHTS
-10.000 VM Pistes
-HOTEL*** half-bord


-Airport Mailand (MXP)
-Airport Turin (TRN)
-Airport Bergamo (BGY)


-Blinnenhorn (3.373 m)
-longest run 1300 vm
-lots of landing places


-Let yourself be filled with enthusiasm for these impressive pictures

Base elevation: 1280m

Highest landing: 3300m

Area size: 120 sq.km

Longest run: 1300 hm

Season: Dec-March

Terrain: Glacier, alpine, forest

Accompanying: 1 mountain guide

Group size: 4 part.

International airports: Mailand MXP, Turin TRN, Bergamo BGY

Heliski Val Formazza Piedmont

Val Formazza, the little “Jewel” is already well known as the “Little Canada in the Alps”. Our exclusive heliski domain in Piedmont is between Goms in the canton of Valais and Val Bedretto in the canton of Ticino. The domain is divided into flight sectors in which we can choose individually the landing places and the runs, so we can reach optimal flexibility. The 120km² big heliski domain is delimited with the Ofenhorn (3250m), the Blinnenhorn (3373m) and the Basòdino (3270m). It offers innumerable descents possibilities in every exposures and steepness and belongs to the best heliski spots in the Alps. The region Formazza Riale always benefits from a lot of snow, thanks to is location at the north-south weather divide in the Alps. Very important is the culinary face of the valley, which does not let any wish ungranted.

Heliski Val Formazza – Our base

Our base is located in Riale at the end of Val Formazza in the Walser Schtuba. So can you find us: How to get to Heli skiing Formazza.


We work in Val Formazza with Airbus AS 350 B3 helicopters. These efficient helicopters offer our clients an exclusive service. The groups are 4 participants + 1 mountain guide big. We can freely and according to your needs choose the landing places of the helicopters in the area.

Our exclusive heliski domain

Our 120km² big heliski domain offers one of the best potential for heliskiing in the Alps. The highest landing places for our helicopters are about 3200m high. The different areas offer innumerable possibilities of runs in every exposures and steepness. Our mountain guides always find there the best descents in perfect snow conditions. The heliski season in Val Formazza lasts from the end of November to February 28th. Thanks to its location at the weather divide between Northern and Southern Alps and its altitude over 1800m, the snow conditions are excellent and these already early during the season. No matter if the clouds are coming from the South or from the North, there will always be snowfalls turning the region in a true Powder Paradise.